About BNB

Being a Real Estate Investment Enterprise and a Professional Project Management Consultant.
 Scope of activities of the company include:
- Investing in Industrial and Industrial Complex Project.
- Investment in residential projects, urban areas and complexes
- Trade - Office, Apartment ...
- Investing in Market, Trade Center Project
With strong financial capacity and a contingent of qualified and experienced managers. BNB Hanoi Corporation has been investing in real estate projects in many provinces and cities in the country. With the prestige criteria associated with Quality, BNB Hanoi aims to become one of the leading real estate investment enterprises, a reliable partner of domestic and international customers.
1. Company name:
Company name written in Vietnamese: BNB HANOI CO., LTD
Company name written in English: BNB HA NOI COMPANY LIMITED
Company name abbreviated: BNB HA NOI Co, .LTD
2. Address of head office: 3rd, Tay Ha Builing, Trung Van Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi City
    Hotline: 0246276662 
    Website: www.bnbhanoi.vn - Email: info@bnbhanoi.vn
3. Business code: 0106454726
4. Charter capital: 690 billion VND (Six hundred and ninety billion Vietnamese dongs)
5. Legal representative: DO MINH TIEN
Account: 102010001941601 at Vietinbank Bank West Hanoi Branch.
Account: 4102 10200 2442704 0013 at Lien Viet Post Bank - Dong Do Branch, Hanoi City.
6. Representative office in Thanh Hoa: Address: No. 1 Tien Phuong, Tien Phuong Street, P. Truong Thi, TP. Thanh Hoa - Hotline: 02378646668

7. Vung Tau Banch
Address: No.3 Huynh Khuong Ninh, 3 Ward, Vung Tau City
Điện thoại I Fax: 0246276662
Website: www.bnbhanoi.vn  I  Email: info@bnbhanoi.vn